Do HVAC Companies Need a Facebook Account?

If you own an HVAC business, should you post photos of your breakfast?

Social Media. Some people cringe at the term and others have integrated social media so deeply into their lives that it is as vital to the day’s proceedings as breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Every individual can choose if they want to allow social media into their ongoing activities and homes, onto their computers, tablets, and phones, and if it will affect how they interact with the large populous of fellow posters, tweeters, and bloggers. This, however, does not necessarily hold true for businesses. If you want your business to have anything remotely resembling a web presence, social media is not an option – it’s a requirement.

Many people wonder, if social media is just that, a means to socialize and interact via the web, how do businesses make their content relevant? A business’s first priority should be making sure that a steady flow of content is being produced. There should be a satisfactory balance between a sufficient amount of content, and not providing an overwhelming amount of new posts. The flow of ideas should be interesting and pertinent (draw the reader in) while delivering industry-related information on a regular basis.

Vintage Ad Carrier Here at RYNO Strategic Solutions, we specialize in online marketing for HVAC contractors, so the goal is to promote your HVAC business offerings while producing applicable and engaging heating, ventilation, and air conditioning facts, tips, trivia, and news links that the average person will want to read (as well as a good balance of popular culture references and acknowledgement of trends). One of our favorite content topics is “Throwback Thursdays,” a trend on social media that asks users to post a old photo of themselves (throwback) each Thursday. Instead of a personal photo, we post vintage air conditioning ads that “throwback” to another age. The photos are visually engaging, provide industry-related content, and encourages camaraderie with those who are also enjoying the current trends focused on vintage and classic life and style.

Remember, when you are searching for content and come across a link that has a wealth of valuable information, but you don’t find it interesting to read, your customers won’t want to read it either.

Social media has become an invaluable means for businesses to communicate and stay relevant to their customers, providing a path for seamless interactions that can always be used to cultivate a larger community. It is here to stay, so the answer to the question of if your business should engage in social media interactions is undoubtedly and absolutely yes!