Trying to hire new employees can be a challenge; going through hundreds of resumes, scheduling interviews, dealing with bad interviews or no-show candidates, trying to find someone actually qualified for the job.

Nowadays, there are so many avenues to find candidates for open positions, which means more rocks to turn over just to find the perfect person for the job.

With all these different approaches to improving your recruitment efforts to find top-tier technicians, which is the best method? Today, we want to talk about one that you may not have considered before… geofencing!

What is Geofencing?

So, what is “geofencing”? Geofencing is a technology that allows us to create a digital “fence” around a structure or collection of structures to anonymously “capture” devices passing through the fence.

Think of it like an invisible force field that only extends so far. It allows you to target those devices and follow them. You can show very specific ads to audiences in a certain geographical area. This can include distribution warehouses, stores, and even tradeshows.

In order for this to work, location services on someone’s phone or laptop need to be turned on. Once a prospective customer enters the geofence, they can be served ads across hundreds of apps and websites while they are inside the geofence and even up to 30 days after they leave.

You can also see track engagement with your ads or even different versions of ads to know which ads are performing.

So basically, when a device enters a geofenced area like a warehouse for example, that device will start to see advertisements after it leaves and even up to 30 days afterwards. The purpose here is to serve targeted display ads on those devices – i.e. cell phones, computers, etc.

How Can Home Services Companies Use Geofencing?

So how does this pertain to home services companies looking to hire? It’s another tool you can add to your hiring efforts! It’s as simple as targeting the structures or events where your ideal target demographic might be passing through!

You could use geofencing for:
Brand Awareness
Lead Generation

You can use geofencing advertising the same way you would to promote a product, but instead promote your company and the open position you need to be filled.

What About Privacy?

You’re probably wondering if this technology aligns with modern privacy standards. It does! There’s no personally identifiable information passed along in the geofencing process. Any device that becomes a target in a geofencing campaign isn’t identified by name, phone number, or any other specific identifiers. It’s just an anonymous capture of the device to target ads, and then a report back on whether those devices engaged with the ads shown to them.

The devices can be served ads only during a particular event or the ads can continue to be shown on those targeted devices up to 30 days after the initial capture. The advertiser can also see which targets, apps, or websites drove the most engagement! If device owners want to avoid this advertising tactic, simply turn off location services.

Real-World Examples of Geofencing for Recruitment

Still have questions about how geofencing could work for recruitment? Let’s look at some real-world examples of how you could use geofencing for your hiring efforts.

For example, you could geofence the specific places you know recruits are likely to be!

1 — If you’re a contractor looking for entry-level, apprentice-type techs, you could identify trade schools in the area and serve ads to the people going in and out of a trade school during a set timeframe.

2 — Perhaps you’re looking for more senior-level techs. You could geofence the warehouses, distribution centers, and even competitor shops that they’re likely to frequent.

3 — Let’s say you want something as specific as former military veterans to add to your team. Try targeting recruiting stations, military bases, or veterans facilities. If engagement isn’t driving results, try new targets or new creative.

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It’s Easy to Get Started!

So now that you understand how geofencing works and how you can use it for recruitment, how do you get started? For RYNO clients, the whole process here is really pretty simple, and it takes about three weeks to get up and running.

Step 1 — Plan a Strategy Session

The first step is all about discussing goals and setting expectations. This will help us begin preparing your campaign, and make sure we’re on the same page.

Step 2 — Get a List of Targets

This is where your expertise is valuable. You know your area the best! This can also include gathering creative elements such as your photos, value statements, sign-on bonuses, etc, to use for your display ads.

Step 3 — Creative Review and Approval Process

This is a chance to reconvene with RYNO Strategic Solutions and see what the proposed creative looks like. You’ll have the chance to give your input and make changes to ensure things look right!

Step 4 — Create a Landing Page or Direct Clicks

Engagement with the creative will need to be directed somewhere, and there are a few options. We can either create a unique landing page for the campaign, or simply direct clicks to your current careers page.

Step 5 — Insertion Order

Once we’re all set, RYNO Strategic Solutions will put in an insertion order to serve the ads to the defined target list for the time period specified.

As the campaign progresses, we send you clear, transparent reports of engagement – that means clicks, impressions, clickthrough rates, etc. – with your ad. There’s no guesswork with RYNO Strategic Solutions!

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How Much Does it COST?

How much does geofencing advertising cost generally? The overall price of geofencing advertising usually consists of some upfront setup costs. This could include building the creative or setting up a reporting dashboard, and then the cost of the impressions served. Impressions are billed on a CPM basis (cost per thousand impressions). The number of impressions is determined by the budget, targeting, and goals of the campaign.

To summarize, the cost of your advertising will be on a case-by-case basis and based on the rates charged by your marketing team and the length of the campaign.

What’s The CATCH?

Like any form of display advertising, you shouldn’t expect a mass amount of resumes coming flooding your inbox right away. The benchmark clickthrough rate is only 0.10%, so that’s a lot of impressions running for a long time to get a few responses.

Depending on your goals, we might recommend a minimum of three months of running geofencing to give the campaign a chance to build over time, gauge effectiveness, and compare engagement between different ad versions and targets.

Of course, there are some events we could target like a big 3-day trade show, where the creative could have a really compelling call-to-action to drive homeowners to your booth. Then, you could retarget those devices captured over the next 30 days with a great offer, like “We enjoyed meeting you at XYZ Home Show! Call today for $500 off a new water heater install!”

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Start Geofencing for Recruitment Today!

Using geofencing for recruitment is simple and effective. By utilizing location-based targeting and advertising, you can target an audience with a more specific profile fit for your needs.

Geofencing creates a digital “fence” around specific locations. It captures any devices with location services on that pass through it. This invisible force field is able to target individuals anonymously based on the places they visit and can continue to target them up to 30 days after stepping out of the geofence.

Geofencing For Recruitment Comes With Many Benefits:
  • Precise targeting
  • Competitor targeting
  • Enhanced engagement
  • Extended advertising impact
  • Performance tracking
  • Seamless integration

In short, geofencing offers a more strategic approach to finding potential candidates by advertising to those who match up more accurately to your specific needs and complement your existing recruiting efforts.

If you’re a home services company looking to start recruiting employees or even new customers, get in touch with RYNO Strategic Solutions today!