Tim Miller, Allison Brandt, and Ashlynn Hoover get ready for a day of service at Liberty Wildlife.

RYNO Takes Flight with Liberty Wildlife Reserve!

This month, our in-office team volunteered their time at Liberty Wildlife in Phoenix, AZ. The team was split into groups and did ground-keeping work (picking weeds, trimming trees, discarding trash, moving rocks), all while getting to enjoy the fresh outdoor air and even catch a glimpse at some of the wildlife there! Some team members washed down the steps and chairs of the outside amphitheater where the organization hosts bird shows! This was RYNO’s first time volunteering for Liberty Wildlife, and our staff had a blast! We particularly enjoyed seeing the beautiful hawks, bald eagles, owls and some very sociable goats! Our hosts were very gracious and let us see some of the birds up close! They even gave us some education on the different species they take care of as well as the other ways they help care for the local wildlife they take in!

Web Developer, Frankie Baez helping pull weeds.

About Liberty Wildlife

Liberty Wildlife does a lot for the preservation of nature and the care of wild animals found in the desert. This amazing organization is committed safehousing the natural botanicals and native animals of Arizona by providing a safe and well-cared-for rehabilitation center, environmental education to the public, and conservation services for the community. Liberty Wildlife is a great place to go if you find a non-domesticated, injured animal that needs expert help. This includes wild birds, reptiles, amphibians, etc.

Liberty Wildlife also gives back to its local communities. One example is how they provide Native Americans with a legal source of non-eagle feathers from federally regulated migratory birds. This is a safe, legal way of providing resources for Native American communities so they can utilize these feathers for religious and cultural purposes.

Director of SEO, Jaclyn Venidis and Content Assistant, Victoria Hamel keeping the grounds of Liberty Wildlife looking beautiful!

Liberty Wildlife’s mission is for non-domesticated wildlife to be recognized as an integral part of the natural world so that it can be protected and preserved. The organization aims to be a permanent community resource, where they can be educators for all ages and act as a place to show the community the beauty of native wildlife and how we can preserve their natural habitats. The overall goal is to see the community participate in the safekeeping of the natural world.

Liberty Wildlife is an animal and nature preserve located in Phoenix, AZ. Liberty Wildlife is open to the public 3 days a week. If you are interested in volunteering or finding a non-domestic animal that needs medical assistance, you can visit their drop-off center or find out more information on their website.

Human Resources Generalist, Robin Keagle and PPC Manager, Ryan Tucker having fun cleaning the bird show amphitheater.

Remote RYNOs Give Back

On the remote side of things, our RYNO team was busy lending their time to other amazing non-profit organizations. Our remote RYNO’s offered their skills and resources to places in need such as Learning Ally, Cards For A Cause, The Store House, Crawfordsville Community Garden, McMinnville Area Habitat for Humanity, and much more!

Sales Operations Liaison Joani Stetler and Call Listening & Reporting Team Supervisor Traci Conkright worked together to beautify and preserve the community garden. It was in need of getting cleaned out the abandoned plots were ready to be winterized.

Lead Content Manager, Zack West, chose Learning Ally because its mission statement is near and dear to his heart. It combines education and assisting those with special needs.

Joani Stetler and Traci Conkright
Jr. SEO Analyst Diana Shepherd chose this organization because it was something she could do without having to pre-arrange anything with anyone. It’s a great charity that provides cards for kids in hospitals or who are disheartened by life-threatening illnesses or disabilities. Her and her daughter made Thanksgiving cards for kids.
Diana Shepherd
Call Listening & Reporting Lead Drew Rosencrants chose to volunteer at The Store House because they provide brand-new products (through donations) to be redistributed to local nonprofits and low-income schools. He really liked how the products they offered and sold were not hand-me-downs. They were all new, name-brand, and sold for next to nothing.

SEO Analyst Rick Watson chose Habitat for Humanity because they give back to those most in need by building new homes for families.

Drew Rosencrants
Jr. Account Manager, Josh Lea and V.P. of Digital Marketing, Mike Venidis trimming trees around the walking grounds.

Giving Back is Important to RYNO’s Mission

At RYNO Strategic Solutions, we love giving back to our community! This has always been one of our integral core values. Our in-office and remote employees cover a lot of ground with our volunteer work, not just in Phoenix but across the country! RYNO is out there every month using our skills and strengths to provide help to those in need. We choose great organizations like Liberty Wildlife to spend our time with to make the world a better place, even if just for a day. One of the greatest responsibilities of being one of the most successful digital marketing companies in the trades industry is to give back what we can in time, labor, individual skills, and support.