Google search trends infographic At RYNO Strategic Solutions, we exist is to grow your business… PERIOD. As a specialist in the home services industry, we have developed successful local SEO and PPC strategies to help maximize lead generation for our clients. So, what happens when we are faced with a concerned business owner stating that they need more calls, or that they have technicians sitting at home? All strategies aside, it’s important to address the less controllable factor of demand.

Google Trends is a great place to start when addressing this directly with a client. There are a variety of programs and tools that can be used to provide a gauge on audience behaviors, campaign performance, and other analytical metrics. Google Trends is a simple platform that is easy to use and it is free. The tool allows us to help educate clients on trends which may impact demand for certain services in their area.

For seasonally focused service industries, navigating how changing weather factors impacts consumer demand has always been a challenge. The global and local economic impacts behind the COVID-19 pandemic presented yet another hurdle. We saw more people staying at home last year which led to imminent changes within day-to-day behavior and demand. Increased searches for air purification and more frequent plumbing issues surfaced which caused us to adapt and shift focus for clients with agility and speed. We saw the impact the pandemic caused differ depending on region and within local markets. While essential workers in the home services industry may or may not have experienced the effects of these changes as wide set as others depending on where they were based, the fact remains that consumer trends continue to shift.

Demand has always been a factor that is addressed when call volume is low and less jobs are getting booked. While demand cannot be created, effective marketing is a tool to help improve results. Being agile and adaptable in times of change is an important factor in building out a successful road map for companies looking to grow their businesses. Alignment of trending changes and audience behavior can assist by capitalizing on a potentially untapped area. Within the HVAC industry alone, we saw a staggering jump in search trends for Indoor Air Quality related products like filters, UV lights, and air purification systems. Tools like Google Trends can help to see these fluctuations in search terms and topic popularity in order to better gauge what is driving demand within the industry and your market.

It’s no surprise that with more people being at home, the issues within a home will become more present. Plumbers may experience more calls for drain clogs and leaks that could have previously gone unnoticed. If someone’s AC is not functioning properly, they want it fixed or replaced. Home renovations, improving indoor air quality, energy-efficiency topics may see increased popularity in these changing times. How your company joins the conversation to best tap into what is driving your consumer’s interest and fill their need will be just as important. With Google Trends you can stay tuned in to search behavior, rising queries, and interests to better maximize your marketing efforts.

If you’d like to learn more about how you can use Google Trends or for a comprehensive market analysis, RYNO Strategic Solutions can help!