If you’re in the home services industry, you almost certainly rely on your Google Business Profile (GBP) for leads and visibility to customers. It’s an important part of your online presence…but suspensions have long been a major pain point for businesses. The exciting news is that Google is working on improving the process of GBP suspensions and appeals!

What’s Changing with GBP Suspension Appeals?

Getting your GBP reinstated has been a challenge in the past, as there wasn’t really any feedback about why your listing was suspended in the first place. If you don’t know what’s wrong, how can you fix it?

Google is rolling out a new suspension appeal process to address this frustration. Currently, it’s only operational in the EU, but it will be launched globally before long. With the new process, suspension emails and notifications will come with more clear wording about why exactly your listing has been suspended.

GBP Suspension Appeals
It’s not always going to be crystal clear, but with some clearer wording, it will be a lot easier for business owners to fix their profile to adhere to Google’s GBP listing guidelines. Search Engine Land has a great article about the specific steps you need to take to get your account reinstated.
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