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Episode 171: The Operator Role is Critical to Successful Growth, Pt. 2

May 23, 2023

Episode 171: The Operator Role is Critical to Successful Growth, Pt. 2

Published: May 23, 2023


Part Two is here! Host Chris Yano continues his conversation with Jeremy Hansen, COO of Any Hours. As an Operator, Jeremy helped grow Any Hour Services to a 100MM+ company in multiple territories over the last 15 years, and continues to take Any Hour Group to new heights. Alongside guest co-host Wyatt Hepworth, we dive further into what has made Jeremy and Any Hour so successful.

People First, Processes Second

In part one with Jeremy Hansen, we learned about the story and growth trajectory of Any Hour up until today. Now, Any Hour Services has opened up a new location in Arizona. They’re facing the challenges that come with starting a business in a competitive market. How do you build brand equity? How do you face low call volume? How do you maintain culture as your business grows bigger and bigger?

Jeremy gives us the inside look into how a high-functioning operator tackles these challenges day in and day out. First and foremost, he calls attention to having the right people. It’s about “people first, and processes second” for Any Hour. Having great leadership and management in place along with solid processes is the key!

In Part Two, we dive into:
  • Critical hires for growing the business
  • Dealling with low call volume as a new business
  • Starting a new location in a new territory
  • Specific positions/leadership that helped the company grow
  • Jeremy’s day-to-day operations currently
  • Past and future BHAGs
  • And more!

Set Your Goals and Grow

Jeremy gives a lot of credit to his success to working alongside other leaders and owners over the years. Learning and growing from those around him is a big key to success. Now, the “BHAG” (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) for Any Hour Services in Utah is 1,000 trucks on the road serving their customers, with 75% of all technicians making $100,000/year, along with other goals for their office. It’s about more than the money – it’s about building and growing a great team.

Did you know that Any Hour Services loves to share and give back? No matter what size business you are, they would love to have you come take a tour of their facility and ask questions. Raising tides raise all ships! Text Jeremy at 801-471-9505 with your name and best contact, and they’ll reach out. They have tours every week!

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