This week, one of our fabulous content writers, Alicia, is taking to the RYNO Blog to talk about this little thing we do called SEO — and how HVAC lingo has seeped into her everyday life.

Why My AC Filter Keeps Me Up at Night Ok – I get it, I need to change my AC filter, every month. That dust that is likely accumulating on my condenser fins, that keeps me up too. I have AC maintenance anxiety and that is thanks to Search Engine Optimization.

Each week I write upwards of a thousand words or more strictly about air conditioning systems because I’m an SEO content writer. I could have a detailed conversation, no scratch that, I could give a presentation on the parts that make up an air conditioning system. I know what a condenser is and that it has a coil, I know that refrigerant has a charge, and I am now convinced that at least one part of my AC system isn’t lubricated properly. My electric bill is getting higher and it’s my fault for not scheduling my AC maintenance like I should.

Why does this matter? Because in the wide world of SEO, content is king. You’ve heard that a time or two, right? Keywords matter (we know that), but content is what keeps people coming back. The proper SEO strategies will get customers to your site, but finding what they were looking for is what keeps them there. In the case of the service industry, it’s what encourages them to pick up the phone and call you. What does the sweaty potential customer with a broken HVAC system find when they land on your homepage? What is on your site that convinces the disgruntled home owner to decide to put their trust in you?

As an SEO writer, my job is to know all about keywords while being just as invested in the service and the outcome of securing customers as the client. My job is to eat, sleep, and breathe HVAC terms. A good SEO strategy involves finding a team of people willing to put in to words what a client would want their current or potential customers to know and optimize it accordingly. You’re not a writer, you’re an HVAC business, a jewelry store, a dentist, and so for a few hours each week I too am an HVAC business, a jewelry store, and a dentist – but I am also a writer. I can turn HVAC lingo into prose and I can make filling a cavity sound like happy hour. I am your business and when I’m working my magic on your website, I’m as passionate about it as you are.

You may not understand the algorithms, the SEO terminology, or why and how it really all matters. But what you do understand is how you want your customers to perceive you. Luckily for you, our team understands it all. We’re not just researching and refining the latest SEO practices and strategies, we’re researching you and what you do and that makes all the difference.

Excuse me while I go check on that filter. We’re now accepting clients that specialize in chocolate cake. I am fully prepared to learn a little more about what you do, all in the name of SEO.

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