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Episode 174: Stop Being So Damn Difficult & Just Do It

June 13, 2023

Episode 174: Stop Being So Damn Difficult & Just Do It

Published: June 13, 2023


Making your millions doesn’t have to be hard. We welcome Brad Lea, Founder & CEO of Lightspeed VT to To The Point!

Brad is a highly successful author, CEO, philanthropist, investor, podcast host, and so much more. We sat down with Brad to hear his story and find out why he believes that mindset, good training, and relationships are all you need to make it big.

Keep It Simple

According to Brad, we’re always complicating things – but things are pretty easy if you leave them simple. Life doesn’t have to be that hard! It really is what you make it. Brad has made a career out of solving problems and building 8-figure brands and businesses; helping people make their dreams come true.

He created a software, Lightspeed VT, and sold it to some huge names you’ll recognize – Tony Robbins, John Maxwell, and Grant Cordone, to name a few. Building that company to 8-figures, Brad then leveraged that power to build a brand, and used that brand to start building multiple 8-figure companies. In this episode, you’ll learn Brad’s recipe for his incredible success.

In this episode, Brad Lea talks about:
  • Changing lives
  • Creating 8-figure brands and companies
  • Inventing training software
  • Exposing people vs. training them
  • Brad’s dessert story
  • What defines good training
  • Relationships over money
  • And more!

For Brad, it’s all about your mindset. Problems are opportunities, and you should be grateful to wake up every morning and have a chance to make your moves.

Seize the Day

What sets Brad apart is his mindset, skillset, and his habits. These three things are why everyone is where they are, and what they have. You have to change your belief system and outlook on life first – that’s when the magic happens. And more importantly than money – it’s about relationships. If you know the right people, you’ll get exactly what you want.

“The more hands you shake, the more money you make”Brad Lea

If you aren’t making money in the trades, hit Brad in his DMs! You can also get more of Brad by checking out his YouTube channel, or by listening to his podcast, Dropping Bombs.

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