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Episode 219: Home Services Lessons from the Battlefield (From a Green Beret)

April 30, 2024

Episode 219: Home Services Lessons from the Battlefield (From a Green Beret)

Published: April 30, 2024


Whether you’re a business owner or a greenhorn HVAC installer, this episode will have something for everyone. We’re proud to bring on Scott Mann of Rooftop Leadership to talk about his story as a retired US Army Green Beret LTC, a New York Times Best-Selling Author, a speaker, an actor and playwright, a husband and father, podcast host, and so much more.

Scott Mann knows what it takes to win both on the battlefield and on home soil. He knows what leadership needs to look like for success, and understands the importance of human empathy, storytelling, and communication in the entire process. His story is a powerful one, and has real implications for your professional and personal life. Are you ready?

Times Have Changed, and So Has Leadership

Scott said goodbye to his wife and children 17 times to serve his country. After 23 long years and a great deal of experience, he retired – only to come home and find that he didn’t recognize his country. He was losing his friends, and almost lost himself. Now, he tells his story in an effort to help others!

Hosts Chris Yano and Chad Peterman have a deep conversation with Scott about his journey, and Scott dives into understanding how social capital and communication are integral to effective leadership.

In this episode, we talk to Scott about:
  • What a Green Beret is and does
  • Why understanding social capital and how to leverage it is imperative at all levels
  • Understanding how to build trust when risk is low, and leverage it when risk is high
  • Becoming an actor and playwright at the age of 50
  • Retiring after 23 years and dealing with dark times as a civilian
  • Getting a mentor and how it helped save his life
  • Why leaders need to recognize their role in energy management
  • How the hardest times create the biggest opportunities
  • Using your experiences to tell a relatable story as a tool for leadership
  • Scott’s Ted Talk, The Generosity of Scars
  • And more!

Tell Your Story

Humans are all essentially the same, according to Scott. We are social, emotional story-tellers that seek purpose. And that means leadership is always the same, albeit sometimes with different stakes. On the battlefield or in business, the dynamics are the same. There needs to be strong trust between leadership and the front line. Relationships and social capital have to be solid all the way down to the lowest level of execution, and back up in reverse.

How do we accomplish this? To start, you have to be relatable. That means understanding both your story and how it relates to others, and how to hear the stories of others. This empathic communication is truly where the answers to our problems lie.

Want more of Scott? You’re in luck! Part two of our conversation airs next week! Until then, you can grab a presale copy of his newest book, Nobody Is Coming to Save You.

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