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Episode 175: Clash of the West Coast Titans

June 20, 2023

Episode 175: Clash of the West Coast Titans

Published: June 20, 2023

Live from the 2023 ACCA Conference and Expo for HVACR Contractors and Businesses, two CEOs and West Coast home services titans join To The Point for a conversation about the industry! Join host Chris Yano, Ken Goodrich of Goettl, and Frank DiMarco of Service Champions to hear what these leaders of the industry have on their minds.

In This Episode…

Our listeners are no doubt familiar with our guests today. In fact, both are multiple-time guests on the podcast. Go back and check out our first episode with Frank Frank DiMarco, or hear about Ken’s 1,000-day plan if you missed them!

Frank and Ken discuss what they admire about each other’s businesses, and then dive into a series of questions posed by Chris. From how each CEO manages their teams to talking about leveraging new technology, their marketing mix strategy and more, there’s plenty in this one to dig into.

In this episode, the conversation topics range from:
  • Differences in our two guests’ management styles
  • A conversation about “selling techs” vs. dedicated comfort advisors
  • Thoughts on the impending recession/market correction
  • Marketing mix and what’s working
  • What new technology is being leveraged
  • Things that have made Goettl and Service Champions successful
  • And more!

Go Out and Get It!

Ken and Frank didn’t get to where they are without hard work. They also made mistakes and learned a lot from others as they grew. That’s what this podcast is all about! We love bringing on incredible guests like these to help you learn and to share the “secrets” of success freely. If you enjoy what you hear, please give us a like and review!

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