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Episode 212: AI Tips to Increase Efficiency & Profits in Home Services w/ ServiceTitan Co-Founder Ara Mahdessian

March 12, 2024

Episode 212: AI Tips to Increase Efficiency & Profits in Home Services w/ ServiceTitan Co-Founder Ara Mahdessian

Published: March 12, 2024


A.I. isn’t just a Spielberg movie anymore…artificial intelligence is in every part of our daily lives, and here to stay. But how do AI and machine learning impact contractors in the plumbing, HVAC, electrical, roofing, and home services industries?

We welcome Ara Mahdessian, CEO of ServiceTitan live from RYNOx 2024!

As Ara points out, every single boardroom is having the conversation about how they are going to benefit from AI and not be impacted by it negatively. Are you having the same conversation in your business?

What Does AI Mean for Contractors?

AI is really just about creating technology that mimics humans and human intelligence. We’re a ways from achieving the type of AI you might see in the movies…but not nearly as far as many might think! In fact, we’re using AI and machine learning in our daily lives whether you realize it or not. Everything from the weather and traffic apps on your phone to calling for reservations to your favorite restaurant probably has some type of machine learning or AI involved in the process.

What does that mean for the home services industry? Well, that’s exactly what Ara and ServiceTitan are thinking about, and what we discuss in today’s episode!

In this episode, Ara and Chris discuss:
  • Nvidia’s rise from 9bn 9 years ago to 300bn, and in just one year skyrocketing to 2tn.
  • Previous transformations of technology: digitization, cloud computing, and mobile
  • Examples of ways AI is already a big part of our daily lives
  • Whether AI is necessary to win moving forward as a contractor
  • Automation as the key to perfecting processes and increasing both revenue and profit margins
  • How AI will impact every facet of business
  • Ways that ServiceTitan is already using AI/machine learning to benefit contractors
  • And more!

Are You Ready for the Future?

AI will change everything. It’s already changing things, and at a pace faster than anything we’ve ever seen before. That’s why Ara and ServiceTitan are already looking at ways they can utilize AI to benefit contractors. Some examples of this include using machine learning to predict the value of leads, or integrating with your dispatching process to tell you which technician is best to send on any given job.

If you’re skeptical, just think about 10 years ago. How many of you would have thought technicians would be using iPads out in the field, Ara wonders? Now, it’s more common to see it than not.

Whether you’re interested in adding ServiceTitan to your business or you’re just looking for ways to use AI in your business today, the best way to stay ahead of the game is to DO something! Be willing to take those risks, learn from mistakes and others, and find those things that will set you apart from the competition.

Until next episode…NO. ZERO. DAYS.

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