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Episode 159: RYNOx 2023: Industry Influencers Panel

February 28, 2023

Episode 159: RYNOx 2023: Industry Influencers Panel

Published: February 28, 2023


RYNOx 2023: Industry Influencers Panel

This year at RYNOx 2023, Chris Yano (CEO of RYNO Strategic Solutions) interviews Ismael Valdez (CEO of NextGen Air and Plumbing), Chris Hoffman (CEO of Hoffman Brothers), George Donaldson (CEO of Fix It Group), and Chad Peterman (CEO of Peterman Brothers) during the “Industry Influencers” panel.

These leaders of the industry break down what it takes to be a leader and how they’re prepping the next generation to take on the gauntlet. In this episode, find out what the best of the best in the home service industry are doing to combat the threat of recession and how you can keep your business prepared for economic crashes in the future.

What to Expect

How do these businesses handle after-hours calls when their employees are not “on-call” workers? How do you juggle customer satisfaction and your employee’s work/life balance? Is it possible to make everyone happy and grow your business too?

You can expect to hear answers from the kings of the home services game to questions such as:
  • How are you training the next generation of leaders?
  • Are you experiencing the struggle of running a business, and how are you combating it?
  • What advice would you give to a plumbing company trying to build a tech training program that doesn’t have the budget for it?
  • When deciding to evergreen a location, what are the requirements it must have?
  • What are your margins on repair and replacement?
  • What does that onboarding process look like when acquiring companies?
  • What are some unforeseen speed bumps you wish you could have avoided while scaling?
  • Are memberships dead? What is the value of having memberships in your business?

RYNOx 2024

RYNOx is the most exclusive home services event of the year and is not to be missed! If you’re an entrepreneur or company owner specializing in home services and looking to grow your business, this is a must for you to attend! Join us next year at RYNOx 2024!

More from RYNOx 2023 in next week’s podcast episode!

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