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Episode 218: Our New Cohost On: Home Service Fundamentals, KPIs, Growth Hacks, and Elite Leadership Skills

April 23, 2024

Episode 218: Our New Cohost On: Home Service Fundamentals, KPIs, Growth Hacks, and Elite Leadership Skills

Published: April 23, 2024


To The Point has been officially running for 4 years, and we couldn’t have done it without your support. For the first few years, host Chris Yano had his trusty sidekick and co-host Tall Paul (we miss you, TP!), but recently, he’s been flying solo. That changes today!

Introducing our new co-host…Chad Peterman! Chad is CEO and President of Peterman Brothers as well as an Author, a podcast host of his own show, and well-respected leader in the home services industry. He brings some firsthand experience and understanding of the operational side of running a home services business, as well as extensive leadership expertise. We hope that this will bring you, our listeners, even greater value in the coming episodes!

Bringing Maximum Value

Peterman Brothers might be a 100MM+ powerhouse, but when Chad and his brother took over the company, it most certainly wasn’t. In fact, in 2018, they were at 10MM. Chad understands what it takes to grow a business, but he also understands what contractors at 2MM, 5MM, and 10MM need to focus on.

Between the 16 years (and counting!) of Chris’ experience serving the trades as CEO of RYNO Strategic Solutions and Chad’s legendary rise to prominence at Peterman Brothers, we’re confident that To The Point is going to be even better than ever!

In this episode, Chris and Chad talk about:
  • Bringing more great ideas and advice to the table to help the industry
  • Highlighting contractors of all sizes
  • Chad’s own podcast, Can’t Stop the Growth
  • The two greenfielding a roofing company in Indianapolis together
  • Peterman Brother’s “data dictionary” to ensure everyone has the same definition of KPIs, metrics, and more
  • Upcoming live episodes!
  • The value of calculated risk-taking and being willing to learn from your mistakes
  • And more!

A Bright Future for the Podcast

Chad and Chris are aligned in many ways, but perhaps most importantly – they both share the value of giving back to the industry they love! We want to highlight even more of the great figures and companies in the trades, and bring more ideas and ways to help everyone grow together.

We’re excited at where the future is taking us, and we have lots of things planned we think you’ll love! From live episodes so we can interact with our listeners to more great guests, laughs, and those moments of epiphany…we’re ready to grow alongside our listeners. Are you ready?

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