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Episode 162: Memory Coaching Can Change The Game, Pt. 2

March 21, 2023

Episode 162: Memory Coaching Can Change The Game, Pt. 2

Published: March 21, 2023

Memory Coaching Can Change The Game, Pt. 2


Welcome for Part Two of our incredible conversation with 5-time US Memory Champion Nelson Dellis! If you haven’t heard part one, go back and check it out. In the first part of our conversation with Nelson, we talked about his journey into the world of competitive memory and how he got into the coaching side of things. Now, we’re diving deeper into how it all works, what it takes to improve your memory, and how it can help you in both your personal and professional life.

Enter the Memory Palace

From understanding what a memory palace is to how this technique can be applied to more than just competitive memory, we dig into how memory is tied into everything. Human evolution, performance, and even just making friends – memory is everything!

  • What is a “Memory Palace”?
  • How the Memory Palace technique works
  • Why memory/storytelling is tied to leaps in human evolution
  • Coaching, seminars, and workshops led by Nelson
  • Why these techniques are more than just a party trick
  • How to improve your memory (hint: practice!)
  • Memory Palace applications for students
  • Memory as a means to delay/prevent cognitive decline
  • Memory techniques for those with ADD/ADHD

Start Learning Today

We hope you’ve enjoyed this amazing two-part series with Nelson! If you’d like to reach out to Nelson or take some of his online courses, be sure to visit his website. You can also find a ton of free content just by searching his name on YouTube. Likewise, you can find his books by searching his name on Amazon!

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